Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I spent Easter with my daughter and her family.  We had a nice ham dinner (I'm not a fan of ham, but it was actually really good) and then we all went outside for an Easter egg hunt.  It was a pretty warm day out, and so beautiful.  One of the adults hid the eggs and we let the little ones search for them first, and when they were done the adults found the rest of them.  My youngest granddaughter was funny because she kept going up to her uncle and saying she wanted more eggs, and she would reach into his sack and take his.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see my other kids or my grandson for Easter, but I will get to see them all very soon. Yay!  We did do face time on my phone so I could see and talk to my son, grandson and daughter-in-law.  My grandson is two years old and he gave me some kisses and a big hug by wrapping his arms around the ipad (lol).  He also counted for me, sang the alphabet song, and danced to a couple of songs.  He takes after me...loves to dance!  It's so cute how he says, "I love you, Nana"...always adds Nana at the end.

Here are my granddaughters in their Easter dresses.

So cute...she's sharing her sucker with her sister.

The little one has so much hair and it's always covering her face.  She had a barret in but took it out.
There's her face!
Counting their eggs...
Oh where, oh where did the little eggs go...
Somebody is tired.  I think she had a little too much candy.

The girls were actually pretty darn good at finding the eggs.
Here's my daughter with her daughters!
And here I am with my granddaughters.
I hope everyone had a happy Easter!


Amber said...

Fun to see which pictures you liked. Glad you liked the ham :-)

tbsomeday said...

beautiful girls--all of you!!
glad you got to enjoy the day together! :)